Dodge Ram Crew Cabs 2009-2018 (1500,2500,3500,4500 SERIES)


Parts Included:
1 -Lock Box
1 -Roll of Closed Cell Neoprene self-adhesive weather stripping.
2 -M10 1.25-30 Class 10.8 Bolts
2 - Neoprene Washers
2- Nylock Nuts
2 -Keys

Tools Needed:

T30 Driver Bit
Screw driver or drill
Utility Knife


Installation Steps:

1) Open factory box lid and remove inner box
2) Remove lid/cover bolts(4) (T30 Bit Heads) and remove lid
3) Remove chassis box bolts(2) (T30 Bit Heads)
4) Remove Chassis Box
5) Clean the area/Prep metal for neoprene adhesive.
6) Cut Neoprene into 4 Pieces that fit flush with the edge of the of the truck floor opening.
7) Make sure the edges of the neoprene strips butt together squarely to form a good seal.
8) Notch 2 holes using utility knife in the neoprene where the factory bolt holes are.
9) Place new metal box into position.
10) Bolt down using 2 class 10.8 bolts
11) On the underside of the box place the neoprene washers and nylock nuts and tighten. (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN)
12) Test keys and lock